Who We Serve: Commercial Properties | Insurance Repair Specialists
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Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Damage Cleanup & Remediation

Are you a local business owner? Repair and protect your property with Insurance Repair Specialists, South Florida’s premier property restoration company in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties.

What Can IRS Do for Your Commercial Property?

There’s no faster way to reduce the price of a property than to have it damaged in a storm, flood, or fire.

If not dealt with immediately, the damage to your business will only grow worse: mold eating away at drywall, and structural damage that may end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the long run.

Damage to commercial properties needs professional experience and repair, and Insurance Repair Specialists is here to help restore your office, warehouse, or storefront to its pre-loss condition.

IRS & Insurance Companies

We have an extensive history of working within and meeting the requirements and procedures of insurance companies. Other South Florida property remediation providers will fumble around and force you to go back and forth between them and your insurance companies. With professional property repair and remediation services from Insurance Repair Specialists, you can rest easy knowing the future of your business is in good hands.

Insurance Repair Specialists provides professional service to document, repair, and restore any damages to your commercial property. We’ll gather all of the proper information and proof of damage your insurance provider will need for assessment.

No matter the unique needs of your commercial property and its damages, the IRS team is prepared to make the remediation process as comfortable and convenient for you as possible.

South Florida Commercial Property Damage & Repairs

A property manager doesn’t need to be micromanaging a repair company at every turn: making sure they got the right apartment, carried out the air conditioning repair, or adequately handled the drywall repair. With professional property damage repair and restoration services from Insurance Repair Specialists, you’ll never have to worry about taking care of it alone.

We’re industry veterans of all types of home repair and damage restoration, and bring years of experience to our team. Big or small, Insurance Repair Specialists are here to help make commercial property damage cleanup easy.

To learn more about what our team can do for your commercial property, contact Insurance Repair Specialists today at (954) 725-2895 for more information.

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