Who We Serve: Property Managers | Insurance Repair Specialists
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Who We Serve: Homeowners

Owning property in South Florida is a nerve wracking endeavor. Between storm, flood, fire, mold, and hurricane damage, the only thing South Florida won’t throw at you is a snowstorm. That’s why here at Insurance Repair Specialists, we’re committed to giving homeowners all over South Florida a fast and professional way of repairing and recovering from property damage.

Quick and Professional Service

Our number one goal is getting your home back up and running after a natural disaster so that you and your family can carry on with your lives. To achieve this, we offer 24/7 emergency repair services so that property damage can be halted immediately and reversed.

Too many homeowners put off dealing with property damage till an ambiguous “later”, and only months afterwards realize how much more of a headache they’ve made for themselves. Unless its dealt with immediately, flooded areas will rot wood, drywall, and can cause severe structural damage.

Mold is a common occurrence in the state of Florida. In fact, over 65% of the work we do is from mold damage. Mold is a threat to the structural damage of your home, including your family’s health. In the event of flooding, it is crucial that homeowners act quickly before the flood and mold damage worsens.

Mold and water damage go hand in hand, but mold damage is not limited to water breaks, hurricanes, and stormy weather. As snowbird season draws near, it’s important that seasonal homeowners check for mold buildup.

When left unattended for extended periods of time, mold can form and cause damage to your home. Mold can spread on walls and carpet from lack of air circulation during South Florida’s hottest summer months. As your property restoration professionals, we encourage homeowners to act fast to prevent further damage from occurring.

In the event of fire, flood, wind, or mold, Insurance Repair Specialists team provides full service reconstruction services, including cleaning and deodorization from the ground up. At Insurance Repair Specialists, our prompt service makes sure that no problem gets out of hand and property damage is reversed and repaired as soon as possible.

Our Insurance Expertise

Another key way that Insurance Repair Services helps South Florida homeowners is our extensive experience working with insurance companies. All of the services we offer are completely up to code and the specifications of your insurance company.

With Insurance Repair Specialists, you won’t have to go back and forth between your insurance and a property remediation provider like you would with any other company. We report and repair damage to your home while at the same time dealing with any documentation your insurance company requires.

Secure Your Home’s Future

As a homeowner we know that your home is valuable to you. That’s why we here at Insurance Repair Specialists do everything in our power to make repairing your home and dealing with your insurance company that much easier.

Learn more about how our team can help you as a homeowner repair your property by calling us at (954) 725-2895.

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