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Natural Disaster Preparedness Tips for Small business

As a small business owner in South Florida, it is always important to be 100% prepared when it comes to natural disasters such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, or tornadoes. Though these storms may not seem like an issue till they arrive, it is necessary to have a natural disaster preparedness plan for when it strikes.

These five tips for preparing your small business for a disaster will make you feel confident and secure knowing your business is ready for anything.

Establish an Emergency Response Plan

Creating a response plan for your business and employees is imperative during a natural disaster preparedness.

Whether it is an evacuation plan for the building or finding the safest area in the office to stay during a tornado, it’s important to go over the plan with your employees before a disaster happens.

Generate a Business Continuity Plan

It is necessary to know how your business will operate before, during, and after a disaster. Will your business stay open? Will your business operate the day after the storm? These are questions you need to figure out ahead of time.

It is also beneficial to manage a communication plan with your employees and customers.

Whether it is through a group text, through social media, or knowing where your employees live in case the phone lines/ power lines are down, you need to find the best way to communicate with everyone to ensure they are safe.

Also, be sure to keep in contact with suppliers in case you need to reschedule any deliveries.

Contact your Business Insurance Agent

Before any storm, you should contact your business insurance agent, to understand what policy and coverage your small business has. Once you and your insurance agent figure out the best policy for your business, you may want to consider business interruption coverage. This plan can help with the coverage of lost income, profits, and operating expenses after a disaster.

Secure Your Financial Data

One of the most frightening things about disasters is the potential loss of all your company’s data. You may want to consider an internal or external backup site to protect your financial records, employee and customer information, and other important records.

Make sure your employees store important files into their computers hard drive. You can also consider investing in data compromise coverage, which can help with financial and legal burden in case your information is released, lost, or stolen.

Stay Alert and Prepared Throughout the Year

Always make sure to stay alert of local disasters that may happen in your area. Make sure to monitor the local news every day to know when a storm is going to hit your area.
Once you know a storm is coming, you will be prepared and can take the necessary steps to initiate your disaster protection plans.

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