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Natural Disaster Preparedness

How To Handle Wind Damage From Hurricanes

Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. at the beginning of September, causing billions of dollars in property damage and claiming dozens of lives. Wind damage was responsible for much of this destruction, with trees taking down power lines all over the state of Florida. Nearly six million homes and businesses lost power, with...
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Get Ready For The Rest Of Hurricane Season

With parts of Florida still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane season, the powerful storm that devastated the Caribbean and wreaked havoc on our state, the last thing anyone wants to consider is the possibility of more hurricanes on the way. Unfortunately, hurricane season isn’t over until Nov. 30, and it’s possible we’ll see more...
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Storm-Proof Your Home Against Wind Damage

South Florida weather is unpredictable. Hurricane-force winds, tropical storms, or even a nasty rainstorm can cause severe structural damage to your home. It’s best practice to prepare before disaster strikes. Homeowners can prevent wind damage by following these easy steps to storm-proof your home. Cover Windows and Doors If you know that a hurricane or...
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