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Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean and the southeastern U.S. at the beginning of September, causing billions of dollars in property damage and claiming dozens of lives. Wind damage was responsible for much of this destruction, with trees taking down power lines all over the state of Florida. Nearly six million homes and businesses lost power, with some people going without for well over a week.

Even though Irma has passed, we still have nearly two months left in the Atlantic hurricane season. Another storm could hit Florida, and it’s important to have a plan for what you’ll do if your home or commercial property is wind damage from hurricanes.

Prepare Your Home Beforehand

Hindsight is 20/20, but you have an advantage during hurricane season: You have an idea of what could come. Prepare your home for the worst-case scenario by investing in hurricane-grade windows or shutters while the weather is calm. If you don’t have hurricane shutters, consider boarding up your windows to help protect your home from wind damage.

Call A Professional Immediately

If you’ve returned home after a storm and have wind damage your roof, broken your windows or caused debris to damage your property, time is of the essence. You’ll likely be stressed and unsure what step to take next. Reach out to a qualified professional to determine how to best repair your property.

Make A Plan

If your home is uninhabitable for the time being – or your business is unable to operate due to damage – it’s crucial to decide what your next step will be. Reach out to your home insurance company to find out what they’ll cover. It can be tempting to return home because of homesickness, but you must remain safe. Remember that tree branches and other debris can still fall even after a storm, so you shouldn’t go home or back to work until an expert declares it safe to do so.

At Insurance Repair Specialists, Inc., we specialize in repairing damage caused by water, fire, wind, and mold. We are South Florida’s premier property restoration company, and we can help you as you try to get back to normalcy. Contact our team at 954-725-2895 or click here to reach us.

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