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With parts of Florida still dealing with the aftermath of hurricane season, the powerful storm that devastated the Caribbean and wreaked havoc on our state, the last thing anyone wants to consider is the possibility of more hurricanes on the way.

Unfortunately, hurricane season isn’t over until Nov. 30, and it’s possible we’ll see more storms head toward the Sunshine State.

While it’s normal to feel anxiety over a potentially huge storm, you don’t have to panic. The smartest way to feel ready is to prepare beforehand. Here are some easy ways to prepare for the rest of hurricane season.

Stock up on hurricane supplies throughout the year.

Don’t wait until the week of a hurricane watch to get ready. Keep non-perishables and bottled water on hand even when there aren’t any storms on the horizon. You’ll be able to avoid long lines and price gouging if you have most of what you need.

Create an emergency checklist in case of evacuation.

If a storm hits and you’re forced to evacuate, do you know what you’ll do? If you wait until the last minute to figure out what needs to be done, you run the risk of gas stations running out of fuel and evacuation becoming dangerous.

Make a to-do list now. Here are some things to start you off.

Make sure you grab important documents like your marriage license, social security card and passport. If you can’t take family mementos with you, try to store them in an attic or another space far from the ground.
Take pictures of each room in your home before you leave. This will make it easier for you to show your insurance company what you lost if your home is damaged during the storm.
It’s time to get neighborly – get the contact information of those who live near you before a storm hits. If you evacuate and are unable to return for an extended amount of time, any neighbors who stayed can keep you updated on how your property fared.

Make sure you have a worst-case-scenario plan.

The old adage says to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. While this may seem cliche, it’s a perfect way to approach hurricane prep.

What will you do if your home or business is destroyed after a storm? It’s a nightmare scenario, but it’s also something to think about. Many of the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey didn’t have flood insurance and now have to grapple with how to rebuild their destroyed properties.

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